Monday, June 17, 2013

B r o k e n

F r a g m e n t s 
O f  W o r d s 
Co m e  i n t o  F r a m e 
A smile in the rain, replaced by tears
Refreshed by senses often felt 
Insomnia of the night is young and I am born 
Before the suffering is over...

The thoughts never end.  

A pill dissolves the moonlight
Sufficient liquid measure in a bottle cap 
A drop falls from the window sill 
A feather into the open space 
Now losses it's meaning. 

What am I? 
What has become? 

Different symptoms I've never felt before...
Don't play this game anymore,
To quiet the mind is often to no avail...
And I wonder if the progress they teach 
Will ever get through to me... 
As stubborn as I felt when it was time to learn... 

I stayed away... 

Tried to understand 

T h e  F r a g m e n t s 
O f  W o r d s 

B r o k e n  U p  I n s i d e 
W h a t  H a s  A l w a y s  B e e n  B r o k e n

 The thoughts never end.  

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