Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Become my Strength

Become my strength
Warm pillow on the crepuscular night
I pay my bill, work for no one
Have no place to be...
Always felt time was irrelevant
But now the hourglass is clean 
And my eyes are blind to be seen
Blind to anyone... 
Blind to see the true meaning...

Between over thought and fear of myself.  

With each light there's a flood of darkness 
With every sign there's a bridge to cross it...
But my legs won't keep moving this way...
And the words only occupy the pain.
F o r  S u c h  A  S h o r t  T i m e. 

Always thought I'd keep my grace forever, 
Believed in the simple things that kept life stable.
But then I refuged into bliss that was never real... 
And now I hold keys to doors that only unlock more fear... 
The lines are drawn and I can't cross over them. 

Can't speak my mind,
Can't hide from ignoring this?

Always dreamed I'd do something worth living for
Something truly passionate...
That needs no attention...  
But that gets harder and more threatening everyday. 
Now and then we make believe.

The sky is falling...

But I am only falling from the peace I've lost within. 

B e c o m e  M y  S t r e n g t h . 

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