Tuesday, June 4, 2013


From one facet to the other
In these days of rediscovered failure
My fear... blow me away. the winds, the birds cry 
Softly as the sun reappears the morning
The mouring...  
New lows... to new highs, and the old ones 
Repressing motives 
Trauma without absolute belief...  
Shallow sorrow 
Sorry as the open eyes you see through to me...
The prisoner of my own disease. 

The writers palms lay flat the beating hearts accelerated.


Not to numb by now to forget 
And seemingly the love is just the air we breathe...
Sometimes it feels like there's none...
Or too much 
And i'm just the one holding my breath unknowingly. 

s e e m i n g l y 

t h e 

l o v e 

i s 

j u s t 

t h e 

a i r

w e 

b r e a t h . 

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