Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Realities Dream

Childish Dreams
The sad and the melancholy... 
Memories of two belonging 


Magnificent colours in fictional drawings
The crepuscular light.  

The world's mask a fake, she said so much yet so little
Happy are friends whom don't see in present day...
Shadow lines of the sun I want to remember forgotten  
If and when or if I shall ever recover... 
Ever refrain... 
The storm will eventually drown my raincoat
And mother's hands will be to weak... 

Can't give back what you erased in me...
Can't see the need I have now 

On the lawn, in realities dream
Drive through the narrow path entering the cemetery
Sometime soon the mind won't be tricked into believing
To much weighs heavy on the conscious 
When the sky smiles, one single desire 
To dig me out of despair 

Or fall deeper...   

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