Saturday, June 22, 2013

W r e c k a g e

E n o u g h  O f  T h e  W r e c k a g e

That amounts to nothing in the little spectrum 
I n v e r t e d
I felt the shaking limbs, like I was held up on one thought
Sped through the light valley's of golden sunrays 
One day in youth the glory was all we could feel
Now and then that feeling exists... 
But it is shadowed by the backs of us.... 
Shadowed by what we don't know of that unknown fear
But it's not weakness in the end... 

I promise you. 


Collide with me
Just a vision on a journey through the mindfulness...
The light will cross through this churchyard
Leading to the woods
And the crosses will ascend high
The greater good 

And from these hopeless demons  
Without ever a thought to dwell upon the time we are here. 
The heart has been made to a wide open inner light

That amounts to everything in the little spectrum 
O f  D i v i n e . . .   

The heart has been paved so no one will walk on it again...

I promise you.

 E n o u g h  O f  T h e  W r e c k a g e 

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