Friday, July 5, 2013

Violet and Blue

I'm here in waves like water rushing 
Gone in a daze like the soul has escaped 

And you and I are not the same
And I and you are not one... 

Yet together, the colour violet and blue
Seem to emphasis the light behind 

T h e   S t a i n   G l a s s  

The river flows, the candle's ghost
Has past gracefully through this mourning... 
In the morning of a patient light 
No longer are we elusive yet here we are 

S t i l l   A   D r e a m   T o   L i f e . 


It is obvious when the words starts to define you
And the meaning is only found in, what hurts the most. 

I function and idle repeatedly...

The message may never be heard
But I search with every sense and sacrifice what I have 
As if to bring life back...

H e r e   I n   W a v e s 
G o n e  I n   A   D a z e

Y o u   A n d   I .

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