Friday, August 30, 2013


Train carts flood out from darkness 
One by one 
A single frame divided by the eyes 
To witness the unreality... 
I am trapped, yet I am free 
I am ill, yet I am...

Still breathing... 

Below this elaborate cemetery
One half full and the other an empty field. 
To see the stars all meld together 
From the light of the moon 
Filling one side of the sky with stars 
And the other with clouds.

I want to rest here
I want to sleep...
And tomorrow I strongly urge-
Our love to grow more near... 
Both within me and the hallowed
To approach thee angelic monument   
Far away from my last words written or perceived...
Give the space a certain distraction 
Let this be something unexplained-


Following death for such a full heartbeat 
To hold on..,
Only the lost of love in my life 
These many years... 
Has failed me to be human.

And I am human.

Just touch my skin...


Come to me
Fill me with your angel eyes
Before the ghosts takes me away for good. 

For good.  

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