Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In celebration of Life / Kingdom II

I am fresh rain a midst this summerland, in celebration of life 
The tears stain wet concrete 
If words we're spoken the echo would ascend the church walls... 
Forgiveness in will 
If God is listening be aware my age is still young. 
The way the earth stood still as i came from distance grace 
And was taken by fear. 
I see the loved ones surround and you beam in their eyes as autumn leaves hit the ground 
Falling between kingdoms and the trees of mount pleasant high
Though just an observer,
I felt the warm touch slip my hands
All fear was over... 
Recalling what the earth did the day I died. 
Recalling as you may sense the fresh rain a midst this summerland.

In celebration of life. 


As dust cleared from my body not breathing
The entity of light, the soul... the holy spirit. 
Now wash away the tears... absolve the heartache.

Stars shine bright the eve of the second coming. 

Shadows dance all around you
(They're the ones we chose.) 
You just don't t see the abundance of love I have inside 
Forbidden to offer up...
As you may know
The fire inside our eyes eventually dies...

The same way the clouds pass over the sun. 
Reluctant to follow... 
When the heart is but a ghost... 

You just don't t see the abundance of love I have inside 


In celebration of life.

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