Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Creation

Obvious we see through each-other now
Blinking lights red of the train crossing...
Blue and I are silver in one 
And you and I are together in creation. 
Smoke rising up 
Deliver the flood to the veins 
Cut deliberately 
See myself as a stranger...

How could I ever let the meaning get away? 

Sunlight now on biblical horizon 
The last vial held in arms with candles and vinyls. 
Loving cat resting peacefully by my side...
And the trees in the courtyard meld significantly 
Upon the hills filled with gray 
As the world of night traps the hand writing words 

How could I ever let the meaning get away? 


And in this peace you are driven 
Inspired... you are creative!
Justified only 
To live or to live not... 
To be healthy or to suffer. 
To live or to live not?
The memories are more potent 
The smell of the books and rain 
As you listen to prodigal... 

(The good times never seem to last. )

I am slowly becoming what I always feared 
More a mystery to myself than I can even go on being. 
There is more to feel here than there is in dying? 
Every fear that God gave us will be greater...

But will the weak be absolved?


Just one more panic attack and I can't hide nor run
Tell a soul what is really happening 
But trap the worst feelings alone 
To avoid the beast that shatters the body and soul
The mind into  f r a g m e n t s 
Every line, every poem... 
To feed off a broken heartbeat. 

Just one more attack... 
Before the unexplained fall... 
Before there was any knowledge I ever was.

To be a martyr for love... 

To keep the blame a steady flood. 

As the world of night traps the hand written words 

How could I ever let the meaning be loss? 

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