Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Momentary Bliss / On Limbs and Fallen Graves

Forget October
What rain has but a soft glow
Glistening against your eyes
When tears hide from sorrow...?
I shall be the last to fall a sleep 
As it rains harder, even desperately 
I fail to shut you out of my mind...

But live in fear, not knowing.

The earth more and more still at night
As the silence drifts in endless openings 
Leading back to the door we closed. 

I always find a little solace
Being the only one left to answer the questions
There are no answers for...
It's a repetition, a heart beating flat line...
Momentary Bliss;
Of no need for comfort 
No need for love or companionship. 

Just a lonely soul caught in the drift for the other ghost
To share some things, we are not able.
Footsteps there walking through Martha's Vineyard. 
The sound of the train in the distant background 
Of a time I walked the tracks....
With no conception of how the summer would be my end.


What a fool to drift like this, over time
Someones always drifting from me...
As I try to steer a whirlwind of broken dreams
Over the limbs to free me from failure over again

To free me from disease. 

The heartbeats and the cemeteries...
I swear there will come a day... 
Walking the blind path through each misery 
Realizing the light you thought you lost 
Was always there. 

A Momentary Bliss;

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