Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sheer Sanity

It is said that the moonlight elevates the wounds
Sometime early Tuesday morning the dirt was covered 
Over the seeds you planted- not long ago 
The old garden blossom here    
A rain fell that split the tears
From on eye open to the soul.  
On the outside looking in-
A man who hasn't reach rock bottom yet 
Surely feels the same disheartening

None can console to. 

But as of now what is left of my thoughts is just a prayer repeating 
What I heard someone sacred once tell me 
In the attempt to relinquish my soul...
The modest tone of religion, enlightenment, rebirth...
Must be choice with his words
But never knows that what they're all thinking...
Could be the wrong truth for the million faces
I can't see myself as ever being a part of... 

To be what's expected? 

The dumb don't worry much at all.

As I lie awake facing the window ledge 
F o r   M o o n l i g h t   T o   E l e v a t e   T h e   S c a r  s .

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