Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Unless Fade

There are no lines to bridge the gap 
Unless fade....
To spell words the opposite direction
As the brain can't comprehend any further...

Some have always known
The pale figure of a lonely ghost 
Feeds on the pain and anguish
To haunt what is fearful.   
Some have always known 
The pale face of the poet 
Wants to believe things he's not capable of...

There's no way of knowing...
There's no way to know.

Where some headlines fail to be told
And others make national news...

Where some eulogy fails to be read
And others pay their respects 

I need no other life other than forgiveness 
That day I lost everything within  
And have repressed almost innocently  
To carry the blood through my veins
Heart beating with several signs from above 
That there are so many reasons here...  
Tears me a part... 

Tears the pages 
The open books... 

Of my damaged soul 
Setting the flight to high.
And the will to go on... 

 Any longer.

There are no lines to bridge the gap.

U n l e s s   F a d e 

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