Monday, August 19, 2013

The Avoidance Paradox

Don't let the wind die...
It storms in a prayer 
Words like raindrops 
T r i c k l e 
Off the streets 
Down the drain
To some place darker

Leaves me looking up in the air
To let the last falter... 
To give me some  M o r p h i n e 
U n d e r   M y   F l e s h...

To breathe.


Remembering the shadows 
Going up the stairs 
Someone hiding 
Something missing...
I don't know what.

I don't know where
You planted the rose
But I'm drawn to the garden almost every time
I look out the window...

And see a rocking chair sway
With no one else in it. 
I hear the piano play
And the sound of your fingers tapping
G e n t l e 
Against the mantle... 

And as I come down the stairs
My feet never touch the ground
And I'm left with little... to pass through 

Y o u r   S o u l . 


Don't let the wind die 

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