Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Reading Of the Book Of...

Ancient chimes 
The sound in the courtyard
Before our footsteps in the snow... 

I remembered crushed leaves
Where golden trees 
Open wide on redsky 

There is beauty in the thought
There could be an Autumn 
A Winter in my mind...

This frame still... broken on the left
I cut my hands on the glass
Just trying to keep the pieces together...
Or from breaking up even more.

Don't judge me...
I'm unbalanced...
But still I pray to God before I go to sleep
Just to hear thoughts
Just to hear the silence
When I've said what I needed to say... 

Play your chimes
In the quiet churchyard on Sunday

Leave your book

O n  T h e  A l t a r 

Turn it... to this one page. 

Read my autumn 
Read my winter 

T e  l l   M e   W h a t   I t    S a y s  ?

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