Sunday, August 11, 2013

Without Question

Afraid to sit down in your own chair 
This is just me second guessing  
I would never doubt myself

There comes a time when
You have to sire your mind from fear 

I t  I s  W i t h o u t  Q u e s t i o n

Love is full 
Love is to be 

So what's keeping me from falling? 

Is what's keeping you grounded

Watch it all... from the reflection
The hourglass
Of a Watch
A timepiece
It means so much, yet so little

Watch the sky go by in your eyes so sweet.

Watch the grave crack along the side
My name

So little... 

It continues....


Leaves nothing but  B l a c k
On the soil 
My hands are now covered

But I will let you in...
Or they will let you in
Into the gates...

W h e n  T h e  T I M E  C o m e s 


I stand naked
Above the clouds
I cannot justify 
All that's left behind
With a night so black
So uncertain
You doubt yourself 
And you doubt your love 

But all that's innocent
All that's beauty and grace
Brings you back.... 
Sucks your soul back into your chest 

And I cover my eyes from tears
And I open them again and find I'm still here.


Originally improv spoken word 
To the music of Rome - " SONNENGOTTER"

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