Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Absent Presences

Evening breeze sprinkled last nights rain...
Something's coming through
I feel... but do not dare confess it...
To overcome
Impossible circumstances 
Something's coming through 
Something's inevitable. 

But how will I hear the rain then
If tomorrow is gone? 

Since April, I lost the will
Took me such a long time to destroy 
And rebuild, to bleed and to heal
To suffer more the bigger fears 
I had no idea would resurface...
Anxiety to the waking eyes 
And the fears that were traumatic...
Leave a broken man in fragments 

Just the way we are.  

Of living despite not having the reason to. 
I must first write my name in the sand
From the spiritual side of me...
Still finding solace and comfort in 
Dead places, old movies
Train tracks & Cemeteries... 

Always a wonder in the air.
To something more than life...
Mystery of life fulfill the empty space. 
Something maybe we're all starring directly past....
But I know the significance of me... 
The one who wanders 
Holding out my hand to the absent presences 
For her to graze me with her touch... 
For her shadow... 
Never cast by the sun. 
Away on moonbeams...
For no light to fill the air. 

But I know that if you were here and truly loved me
Than I could die that very day 
Without any regret inside. 

Just an evening breeze that sprinkled last nights rain

Of something's coming through 
Something's inevitable. 

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