Monday, September 23, 2013

Compromised Lines

Some people have to suffer, to see the beautiful side
Of being... 
Some never get to feel a thing. 
And everyday I dream for that?  
My lines are compromised...  
I don't want to be remembered as that 
Depressed, unhealthy, hopeless man. 
But more for the loving, compassionate 
Artistic... poet. 

Looking for reasons in the unknown. 

F e a r . 

Who offers his heart and soul... 
To shine some light in on a room that is dark.
To each his own... my blood flows like an ocean. 
I cannot be in darkness forever... 

Not without everyone I love
That I am smart enough.

To make the right decision. 

I want to believe.

I always say...
Is that enough?

E n o u g h-  
T o 
W a n t-  
T o 

B e l i e v e . 

My lines are compromised...

You will feel my love 

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