Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Depression Eyes

To warm and bright
I felt the feverish sun with no mercy on me.
The pale angel ghost 
Has but tears now from fresh rain
Mounment shadow
On the windowpane

S t a y   H e r e 
W i  t h   M e.

S p a r k  U p  
A  M a t c h . 
-F r o m 
Y o u r  L i t t l e  B o o k 

Tell me you love me.

Always and forever, 


The nights before...
The wakening,
The curtains of a new dawn
Ascending the depression eyes 
Into open spaces... 

I inspire myself to stay alive and I-
Inspire myself to die.
Merely innocent...
Which one will be spoken from here,
Upon the nearing gravestone...
As all the trees fall silent of echoes
Which one will be spoken from here,

Or will we not speak? 

Someday in autumn, maybe Sunday.
You'll find what was taken from your soul
(What little it takes to those most compassionate) 
Left me depleting and distant to everyone. 
Left me a fraction of the colour behind the eyes.
Now within foggy vision 
And a smile of compromise.... 
Because nothing will ever be the same again. 

But I've accepted that.

Someday in autumn, maybe Sunday.

You'll arrive to watch the planes dissolve 
Into the sky of- two severe horizons...  
With a bomb in your chest, 
Just the heart beating fast...
Of anxiety never ending.  

There is no departure from here...
When the light hall becomes dark and narrow
Remember to think back at this point in your life 
When something could have saved you...

I know you could have. 


She knows she will. 

Always and forever.

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