Saturday, September 14, 2013


In order for me to write
I must walk into the garden
Where she is still young
And i can't remember her name. 

You are alone in the room now
Free to panic without anyone knowing
Seeing you this way
(The destruction the mind
Has on the body...)
My threshold divided and the urgency
For faith and guidance 
Because I can do no more 
H a r m   t o   Y o u 

For the passion of the words
The mixed pages
Torn to   F r a g m e n t s
For a momentary place
Where together we both existed
Not in our separate ways.  

Inside us just an open core
Always looking for something to fill
The chemical void...
People always passing by us
Like we were never there
Never thought of...

Pass through the suffering for a brief moment 
To share...
To share... 
What it is I'm feeling.
What it is I can't explain to anyone
Especially my family

Because I can do no more 
H a r m   t o   T h e m  

My love, it hurts 
So deeply. 


What it is I will feel when I'm out of body
And earth emerges through
As I past beyond.

Into the great white open...


In order for me to write.

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