Friday, September 27, 2013

Monochrome Heart

Monochrome heart 
Is there no way to get past this... 
Thunder in the clouds 
Though hardly any rain in my months of escaping
Is there no other way...

You change your name...
Your hair, as white as snow... 
My eyes red... 
Yes, I remember the past Christmas
And the storm that fell 
The eve before.

By some waking of the days
Blaze... in the sun
To watch the year slip away
And the fear not overcome 
What was entitled to my heart 
What was entitled to... 

Had to have some curtains blocking the way
Failed to see what was missing... 
How can I fill the void, not knowing
The pain inside me? 

It's to much I know, it's far to much
I assure you. 

I want to die in this...
With light so difficult I can't tell 
The contrast between
What is bare skin and what is bleeding.

Adrenaline to the mind
For self inflicted moments. 

Than fail to fall asleep
On the same floor where I crawl from... 
Drinking when I'm to sick too... 

Even care about myself. 

Monochrome heart 
Is there no other way...

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