Saturday, September 21, 2013

Otherside of Wake

It's too late for you,
I would say, join me on the otherside 
O f  W a k e 
M y  L o v e . . . 
But it's cold in here, fire underneath 
My flesh... 
The buildings are strong 
But inside... don't support 
The city all around us. 
S o  b a r r e n   
The  R i v e r 's  H e r o n 
Has retrieved the sentiments of dust.  

A beloved decay. 
C i n d e r s . 

Lay flat on his wings to see the parting 
Of another sun's embrace 
In sleepless morning...
Who will mourn for me? 
When I am the one 
E x i t i n g ? 
The worst of this life, so far to come
Is on the horizon of a September moon
Looking in on October,
Chasing away the anxious thoughts 
From her loving heart, fills the moonbeams; 

She was a prayer
Like when you first knew of pain...
Your mother knows your heart is beating 
Still a few clocks away from where the despair is outcome.
Or to the healing power where desire is hopeful. 

When you stare into my dreams holding flowers 
Burning dawns in amber blaze...
Made of dust now your hands covered in it... 
The pain every human offers 
When they offer everything but who they truly are.
Or say what they mean.. sometimes we hardly speak. 

But it's innocent. 
Can't make the emotional world less emotional 
...then there would be no connection to any one soul
Sounds like a heavy wind in the distance. 
Not enough for me to feel on my skin 
The passions remorseful.  

And that kind of pain is not for any friend to know.
Or family to worry, uselessly... 
I believe. 

It's too late for you,
I would say, join me on the otherside 
O f  W a k e 
M y L o v e 

It's cold in here.

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