Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reluctant to Fall

There is no God in me tonight
Despite my golden chain, religious pendents
As I had seen through the blistering sky
Clouds of disrepair, and anguish  
A tightness in my chest
That never leaves
As I know I've let the ones I love down. 

And let them down repeatedly 

Not knowing whether I've lost control.
From where your standing there's no way to tell...
See the tears in my eyes, that have been reluctant to fall
Repress the fear, repress the love, the doctors and these conditions 

Just find the proper door, the saddest day to exit.  


There's no colour of blue in the sky 
Like there once was
That day in June... 
I felt that... all the pain
Was for a purpose
A reason to overcome. 
....and now I feel as
The purpose is the end. 

Because it even takes the slightest ounce of strength 
To breathe the air I don't have. 

May just be as beautiful remembering.
What could have been...
We're all in the happenstance 
Connected in someway... 

((We gaze at the sky))

There is no God in me tonight.

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