Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer in the Undertow

Can we just fade away like the summer in the undertow 
The heart is replaced by the addictions,
The mind is corrupted the soul
By the rest of the worlds views....
You see, I fear 
In times of need, there's nothing else

But subsistence abuse;

I pinpoint my feelings so abruptly 
But I never say what I think...
It's all caged inside, the walls between  
And passion is dying
The dyeing's of the stainglass... the portraits
The photographs,
It seems the pages are filled
But what's happening to me
Is likely the tragedy of unknown. 

Or the art of mystery. 

But I still cling... 
To anything worth saving 
Just another day...  another flaw of my strength 
Where something's always missing. 

The music in your little room 
There so beautiful,   
But she's the one 

That did this to you... 

A heaven cannot be replace by the reality on earth.
There watching TV screens, computer monitors 
To see a broken man, whole.  

 Why can't I go into the forest and learn to pry? 

Where in the cemetery have the monuments corrode? 
To read no Epitaphs... old or new. 

And in the churchyard by the tracks, I'm one fear older... 
One line closer 
To not ever knowing.. 
What I cannot bare witness to...


Tears are crying but nothings showing in the eyes. 

And to the final word 
That love is a fragment
Missing to the core. 
Like the earth without nature. 
Or a prayer without a church. 

In living hell. 

Because my hearts in darkness I need my love ones to know...
There's only one way forward from this, that I can tell..

A heaven cannot be replace by the reality on earth.

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