Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summerly Bye

Summerly bye my hospital bed. 
Of the mind
Patently learning the end game
Waiting rooms
Of the patient in our-self 
Time is dismal, life unreal
In the sky a drop of paint

Do I dry the eyes or do I finish the face?

A hollow plot fills through
Recycles in the wind...
Papers of yesterdays news
I left strong and a sense of God behind

Ashes in the trail of waiting
With just the right amount of rain on the hill
To flock to your shelter...
To sleep beneath the cloud
You saw the face in...

Just another nights reflection
On the glass, off of mirrors... 
There is something aliening 
Something always there 
Cannot change

What will the rest of them think...?
Dwell into another mind...
And just feel the vibes 
With all you have clinging to you
Clings to me as well... 
Summers missing so softly 
Summerly bye my hospital bed. 

For all that claws and scraps at the skin
Find a way inside.
Find a meaning to break...
Just level off with the music...
Close your eyes and feel what the words mean

Just close your eyes. 

Summerly bye

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