Sunday, September 15, 2013

Red Among Green

Something repeating 
You and I are second

I n  T h e  R a c e   F o r   O n e ...

Like a misplay 
In a game I don't know the rules of 
There is common ground here
Among the others..
But the human heart beats like a drum
My rhythm waiting... 
For something new to start. 

I think I found you...

Missing in the 
Green apple tree,
The one Red among the others 
Shining off the light 
Not allowed to get to close to? 

There is a pause in the beat
Only for a moment... 
But never a break in the wind
Where the dust drifts both near and far...
The anxiety comes back again. 
Even stronger. 


I sprinkle the dust on my boots 
Among the footsteps we walked
As rain forms in the clouds above us...
Nothing falls...
Like emotional clouding.
There are no tears... but a sense of losing.

You and I are second

I n  T h e  R a c e   F o r   O n e ...

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