Monday, October 14, 2013

Aquamarine In Colour

The arrival of fear, stares through the window
Holding the trees with a lurch in the wind
Try to stay focused... you're not as far as you think 
The further we are the closer the absence
Only this one tear, aquamarine in colour
Divined we speak, separate in motion

My, how the colours blend
Hours troubling 
It's sometimes seen, we are unseen, 
Believers in everything 
Overcast it's nothing... 

The rainfall of an again  e n c o u n t e r 
Are these bells religious
Or just sounds souls to feel 
Are the ordainment sacred 
Or does time worn the angel faces? 
Is there a difference in the way father speaks
I still hear the trees like a candle  f l i c k e r s 
In the wind.... 
I still wander in this maze
Like a lab rat you invented...

Watch me drink. 

See me crawling up the wall
For the drug that once saved me...
Don't give a fuck, make a joke about the cause 
The force is insurmountable
The innocence of the afterthought 
The once war of a battlefield 
Now the children of young play in the cold...  


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