Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blessed is October

I hear the vibes play 
Near the cemetery 
A child is born
what a golden day to be alive
I hear the vibes play
In the churchyard 
A father dies on his own

The birds fly in a mirage

What a wonderful thing to be loved.

A flower for my thoughts... 
A rose from your garden. 
(far away, close... 

The natural disasters. )


And I meant what I said
When I told her 
Everything between us remains sacred. 
And I bridged my own gap
The distances 
So I could never leave my home
Without ignoring 

Goodbyes forevermore. 

To modify the heart 
Would be criminal 
To undergo this kind of pain without a window
Is something I'll never want to know
But we are all trapped in some way...
And I bless this indifferent sky
Light of darkness
As I hear the vibes play 
Near the cemetery 

Churchyard gates... 

A child is born. 

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