Thursday, October 3, 2013

Divine in Nature

So many times before...
I wish I could make the pulse my own
And not be so devoured by it.
Some seem to want to put me on a pedestal
Because of some alter ego I've created
In my work...
But the only truth lies on what can not be explained.
And the only wrong pursues in the direction I'm going.
You always want to keep some level of mystery
Can never get to close without the fear prying in....
The water is safe but the rain falls into it.
The prayer is soulful, but the belief is not strong enough.
Temptation to put myself to rest,
Everyday in mind,

These responsibilities I can't make to feel nothing but envy
To those who matter most of all...
I give you my heart, even in the shadows
I'd paint you my soul but your eyes would have to be close
To witness it's flow.
Feel it's warmth cooling down, deprived of my old life
Significant other...

There is no proof now not in the light of sun
But tomorrow always comes...
While eyes adjust modestly
To the fear of not waking up... 

The proof...
The light is within you,,,
Always has...
Always will be. 

Wait a moment... reflect.
All of this is real. 
Divine in nature. 

Wanders on the brink 

Pain all through me.

No release. 

So many times before...
I wish I could make the pulse of my own

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