Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Legacy of Unrest

Could this be my legacy? 
The thought torments my mind
Could this be all that's left... of autumn trees 
So soon came October
The wind that blows the leaves away
(So soon my life flashed before my eyes 
To need more than I can have. 
And have more than I desire... 

And that's the worst thing 
To want for one who comes not. 

To stay here and make my life true.

Is the farthest thing from being alive. 

No denial, no denial 


A fragrance lifts my spirits high
No more to mourn and mourn
To cry... 
Sing elusive, to the altar 
Speak in Cryptic
Still speaks your name

Call me wiser, less imaginative 
Who are you other than a friend? 
If not even...

Are you there...? 

Speak of love
My death awaits you, 

Hand slips on the final line...

Like lies to "always"  

-inspired by Rome 

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