Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October (III) She

We are one, 
We are free...
And at last, the serve changes
Serve dividing 
((Second sun))

We swing upon the trees
And I hold your garland 
Around my wrists 
Yes, it feels like Sunday 
But every tomorrow 
Is another space between
It haunts me still,
The loss and this empty churchyard 
Without a bell to chime in... 
As I rest, unknowingly 

Away from my human form
Presence still on earth.  

But I read the lines 
In hours that ignite my soul. briefly
To speak to you from afar 
Do you hear me? 
Is that a plane in the sky? 
Is there a plan in your eyes? 
(Don't tell me, just appear.) 
Revert your clouds back to me... 

Mourn between; pauses 
Warm sips of tea 

My, how I mourn for...
The spirit I was 

Flowers wilted in the frail vase- 
My bedside of holy sentiments 
Losing all belief  within fear 
That never had it all, but felt the heart was full
And life was content just dreaming. 

O how I mourn for...
The solution to end all pain.


October breeze flows in
Summer is surly gone
My beloved 
But the wind is no longer sweet. 
Smells of autumn and captivating 
R a i n d r o p s 
Upon the fallen leaves... 

But the wind is no longer sweet. 
The wind is sour 

From no victory. 


Yes, it feels like Sunday...

Goodnight to you wherever you sleep. 

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