Sunday, October 20, 2013

October (V) Bridge to Final Core

25 years and 7 months 
The deepest thoughts inside now,
Yes, I know what they are, 
Every single day, every hour
It's to difficult to set aside the pain
And the causes... 
Which I now know are my worst enemy. 

There's a table in the room where decoration 
Are place... 
Roses in the month of October 
Always seem to wither away quite rapidly,,, 
I see something different when I close my eyes now
There's a euphoric sense I can no longer achieve 
To live in poor health with or without love...
And be no fucking burden to others and myself... 

I m p o s s i b l e 

F o r c e 

C o m i n g  T h r o u g h ,

Is it time to sleep? 
Are you close to the windowpane? 
I have heard enough trains 
This endless mourning 
That the silence couldn't break
Not even in the shadow...
My presence  can't be seen... 

To have loved you as much as I had....


I see nothing different when I close my eyes now...

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