Monday, October 21, 2013

October (VI) Blood From a Stone

Forever is a story not meant to be told
You can't get blood from a stone. 
You are the sunrise
Of this flooding dawn...

Amber's reflection on a sea of sky
Painted the raven above
The moonlight casting down...
-End Rain.
You are my friend
I hold you near to to me...

Eyes closed and still your expression there
Your eyes- aquamarine tears
Stain glass rearranged my face
My trail awaits. 


Fragmentation's of your healing 
Slow... slow...

All pain I belong to
Has eaten away at the core
Can't get blood from a stone.
One pill at a time
Ignore who you are... 

Fragmentation's of your feelings
Slow... slow...

What you love is broken
Every single hour I come to earth
On this day in, October
Just as I look upon death
As something mysterious unknowing  

Can't get blood from a stone.

Forever is a story not meant to be told.

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