Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Memory

Connect the dots
From beating hearts
Until the same horizon 
S c a r s  B l o o d  R e d 
Upon the hill...

I'm just walking alone you know?
To find peace in a lone star... 
Maybe one that doesn't shine so bright
Though I still see life in others eyes...

Mine, they stare right through...

I can breathe much better on these full moons..
I know the cold wind will blow 
And eventually I will crawl 
Back into 
My hiding place...

Shrine the eyes away...

Shrine the eyes away..
From the new sun...
Old memory.
And start to sleep again...

Deprived only 
O f  W h a t  Y o u  L e f t  B e h i n d . 

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