Friday, October 18, 2013

P a s s e n g e r

Hello, my passenger 
You may ash wherever you like...
The sin of the night is within the sky
Above me, a halo of hymns 
Precious in time... 
Put your face beyond the glass
Enthrall me with your vision...
Something less distinguished
In my twisted mind, I have been there...
You are here to impair me 
Devour me... 
Make me feel nothing. 
Tap the fluid tap...
Fill the blood in veins..

A pill dissolves the moonlight
Sufficient liquid measure in a bottle cap

Roll down the window and feel the autumn air... 
No more reality
Only what you think on... is irreverent 
In the small space in which you crawl out from 
Life is there to push us back down... 

Push us back down... 

To the bottomless core.

Sufficient liquid measure in a bottle cap

Hello, my passenger 

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