Tuesday, October 8, 2013

S o u l B o u n d .

Life is Chance 
Love is infinity 
Grace is reality. 

Take the hand that is given to you
Let yourself to this Sunday morning

Her hands were warm
And the grass was cold walking through to nowhere 
Of yesterdays rain 
Below heavy clouds in shades of red... 

Within autumns eyes, a smile 
Just for her... from her gaze.
Because she's praying for me
Depriving herself... 
Of moments that make us... 

Closer to God.
Or just a brick wall...
I am obligated to open up
Willing to share
These words with you
For all that is missing.

Sometimes it's just so endless 
There's no amount of grace 
For those that listen... 
But if you put your ear really close 
To my heart
You will hear a pulse that will someday 
Beat strong... 
If not only in one of those magic moments
But in the books that I will leave behind

T h e  S o u l  B o n d e d . 

T h e  W o r d s  B o u n d.


(Lead us not into temptation)

I try to pray without writing verses 
I try to cry without the rain fall window
I feel the worst and create a substitute
Is this all I'm programmed to feel?
There is no substitute for life
For love and death are created equal. 
And we're already there...
So ease the storm inside...

Forget the suicide... just forget it. 

(Lead us not into temptation)

Take the hand that is given to you
Let yourself to this Sunday morning.

T h e  W o r d s  A r e  B o u n d.

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