Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Come to me...
Don't wait any longer.

There is a strife in the wind
That illuminates with harmony 
The foreshadowed sun...
As October arrives...
A lonely ghost... 

How was I born? 

How have I manged to stay alive despite all I need? 

Sunrays turn cold...
Bright eyes in dim reflection
There in the water of your baptism 
Change in life. may be impossible. 
Symbolized the chain on my heart....
Still wearing religious necklaces 
Knowing all to well, that I'm not of this earth. 

Though the pressure of hearing your voice, still
Echoes through the weightlessness of me 
Something beyond the clouds... 
To pull at the limbs against a thunderstorm 
You are pure in nature as I cry without tears 
Just as blood droplets, trickle
From the arms of my sleeves 

Into the same water of your revival... 

The second hand of the clock
Beats opposite the rain
Opposite the fragile hearts... 
No longer synchronized 
Innocence breathing 
Summer's gone... with one thought still remaining. 

How have I managed to stay alive despite all I needed? 

Is there no peace, quick and painless?

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