Thursday, November 7, 2013


Clearly there's more time needed to heal
 I wish with all my heart
I could absolve all the pain between us...
It something like regret that has been 
Burning through my flesh...
But it's much more than that... 

I wanted to follow my dreams
But didn't know how
I didn't even know what the dream was
But I knew clearly how I felt...
From a good safe distance.
It was just conflicted 
Like everything else 
It was something more than regret 
But no matter which direction I looked 
That feeling would have stayed...
And my health would kept me hiding...
Kept me torn between pages... 


One in the same.

Someday I hope there's a place of our own 
If you could just read my hand writing 
And see the stars in my eyes the ones above my home
Where the trains pass through the village
And I am the only one waking up...
But not from this earth that seems to large 
For my soul to float in the endless motion...
The rivers current of another sun...
Distilled memories in the month of March 

When we were born. 

And I am clothed in ashes...
And you are the sleeping child.

Clearly there is more time needed

 To heal

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Poet

A lot weights on the writers hand
The pen must have slip off the page
Somewhere around the lines
He lost the will to live.
Some words go unspoken...
(But not this time....
Believe in someone
Love is more than human
Gift of soul
Light of ghost 

Feel blessed.)

The strangest fears 
Flow inside, 
Through words we can't explain
Music of my heart forever 
Echoing the soul... 
Increasing happiness, freedom 
Well being... Creativity.

Heal the loss. 

You're right where you need to be
You're right here.

Some words go unspoken 
Some memories always remain 
Yes, he can say that he's happy
He can feel with more than one emotion
The beauty and the grave...

Some words go unspoken 
Some memories always remain
Yes, he can say that he's broken
But he's still the whole of who he is.


Artificial world once known 
A train beyond a train 
Stops him... 

You're right where you need to be
You're right here. 

Something else is coming through

A lot weights on the writers hand

The pen must have slipped off the page. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lock Coffin

What good is it all
When your living in fear...
I don't know what...
Of someone missing
Of something traumatic,
Mysterious poet
Drug addicts. 
Missing within the soul
That once was whole... 
Just to find a spiritual self
Create a uplifting demeanor 

Open up the shell I crawl into 
Lock the coffin.
Live to drown in...

This fear.

Teach me to tolerate a life of despair

By all means create a world around
The senses left within
The beauty and the essence of a war between 
Each working to anesthetize the mind
But you can't let it win...

You can't be devoured 
Not without a prayer in hell.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Portrait of the Dying Man

Portrait of the man who speaks
So shyly of himself
So determined to let the world be known
This was his passion
This was the works of his inner soul 
Creative fiber
Compassionate and loving... 

Tormented daemons... 
Take a hold.
No more pain for one. 

Trying to survive just with the light of God.
Music is flowing through
Warm what is cold... hands are unstable.
This will lead us to the church 
But the doors are not open.

Looking for something more, I can't have.
Can never be a part of,

Struck by that thought I was a burden 
I have let you down... 

I will fail and fall 
No more, no more...
God forgiveness's 
God... a release... 
No way out, no way out.

Relatives I love you dearly. 


Walk this maze for bleeding hearts
Fade in the autumn morn
That you've died today.

Some soul passes through...
The crepucular light. 
Follows you into the cold
To watch the last car leave the cemetery 
With less than what you loved inside. 

It storms in a prayer.
Words like raindrops trickle...
Off the streets 

Across the freeway 
And dawn, the morning has arrived.
Eyes flash headlight fade.
The laptop where the writer 
His inner most thoughts known

Portrait of the man who speaks
So poorly of himself

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Simply Lost

Simply lost
Soul embodied 
Your limbs swing free on the outskirts of shade
But it is dark here
No promise to the other land
(Fragments glisten among the stain glass)
I want to remain foreign when others pass
But my name can be read can it not? 
This is our home forevermore 

Walk on the pier safe from earth
Watch near the harbor, 
Horizons fade...
The lighthouse is dead....

Simply lost
Soul embodied...

And they continue the search
For him... 

For the missing poem
Not meant to be heard...
He has not spoken.... 
But you can sometimes hear  
His words in the wind. 

The written word is dead. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rare Beauty

Try to paint the world with new colour
Hum a song so familiar, played repeatedly 
The safest place is right here at home... 
And the morning is calling my name.
Prayers on the afterthought of dying...
Have mercy through the wind
The promise perceptive
Seen with blurry eyes...

What cannot be seen. 

My senses colliding, with the ocean waves... 
This rare beauty, presence within
Treasure to find...    
Feels like my soul,,, longs to swim 
But drowns into the deep darkness 
That once lulled me to rest... 

I hear those planes within miles 
But I can't determine where they go from here... 

With mothers whisper
With fathers fearless drive through the back roads...
I am here and I am without them...
I am there and I'm not forgotten...
And I try so desperately to keep those memories perceived 

The love inside.
From falling over. 

This rare beauty, presence within
Treasure to find...    
Feels like my soul. 

Try to paint the world with new colour
Hum a song so familiar, played repeatedly 
The safest place is right here at home... 
And the mourning is calling my name.