Thursday, November 7, 2013


Clearly there's more time needed to heal
 I wish with all my heart
I could absolve all the pain between us...
It something like regret that has been 
Burning through my flesh...
But it's much more than that... 

I wanted to follow my dreams
But didn't know how
I didn't even know what the dream was
But I knew clearly how I felt...
From a good safe distance.
It was just conflicted 
Like everything else 
It was something more than regret 
But no matter which direction I looked 
That feeling would have stayed...
And my health would kept me hiding...
Kept me torn between pages... 


One in the same.

Someday I hope there's a place of our own 
If you could just read my hand writing 
And see the stars in my eyes the ones above my home
Where the trains pass through the village
And I am the only one waking up...
But not from this earth that seems to large 
For my soul to float in the endless motion...
The rivers current of another sun...
Distilled memories in the month of March 

When we were born. 

And I am clothed in ashes...
And you are the sleeping child.

Clearly there is more time needed

 To heal

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