Sunday, November 3, 2013

Portrait of the Dying Man

Portrait of the man who speaks
So shyly of himself
So determined to let the world be known
This was his passion
This was the works of his inner soul 
Creative fiber
Compassionate and loving... 

Tormented daemons... 
Take a hold.
No more pain for one. 

Trying to survive just with the light of God.
Music is flowing through
Warm what is cold... hands are unstable.
This will lead us to the church 
But the doors are not open.

Looking for something more, I can't have.
Can never be a part of,

Struck by that thought I was a burden 
I have let you down... 

I will fail and fall 
No more, no more...
God forgiveness's 
God... a release... 
No way out, no way out.

Relatives I love you dearly. 


Walk this maze for bleeding hearts
Fade in the autumn morn
That you've died today.

Some soul passes through...
The crepucular light. 
Follows you into the cold
To watch the last car leave the cemetery 
With less than what you loved inside. 

It storms in a prayer.
Words like raindrops trickle...
Off the streets 

Across the freeway 
And dawn, the morning has arrived.
Eyes flash headlight fade.
The laptop where the writer 
His inner most thoughts known

Portrait of the man who speaks
So poorly of himself

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