Answers in rain 
That follow you...
Listening closely to melancholy 
Drops of isolation... 

Song by song
Through and through
We thought it would never end
Paused and turned the backlights down

E v e n  L o w e r .

Breathed deep to close my eyes
From a world ever sober.

Is it just my belief 
Nothing really matters… 

It answered in the rain
It escape from my neglect 
It left with the sudden train

At about eleven past 
E l e v e n

Some violet still remained
Some summer in the tress 
Of her love in my heartbeat
And poetry….

(Spoken wind & spoken rain)
Spoken louder than ever before
But heard no differently… 

No existential care nor loss
For anything…
All sentimental bridges crossed 
We crossed eternity…

She maintained the perfect eyes of colour 
Reflecting on my past like no one I've ever known...
Or will know… 

Her heart may never leave me… 

Our art will never…

Alec Wildey 
"Seen Through Different Eyes" 

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